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tonyedwardsTony Edwards is a former journalist with a proven track-record of high-profile publicity programmes on behalf of clients ranging from Cartier in Bond Street to Crawley Borough Council and from Savile Row tailors to the Sunday Times environment exhibition.

One of his first PR commissions was to publicise a little-known back street just off Oxford Circus and transform it into the internationally famous Carnaby Street.

He was the first PR to ‘gift wrap’ a show house on behalf of CALA Homes and arranged for a retired couple to ‘test-drive’ another house for Miller Homes.

Tony Edwards organised the annual Top Tie Wearers’ awards for the tie industry, created the famous Rear of the Year awards to promote jeans, and promoted the launch issues of Marie Claire magazine in the UK, along with many other IPC titles.

The consultancy has worked with accountants, builders, clothing manufacturers, fashion houses, food and drink companies, radio stations, utilities companies, recruitment agencies, wildlife charities and private schools, and has even achieved national press headlines for press clippings agency Durrants.